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Olympus P-10 برامج حمل مجاناً

على هذه الصفحة, يمكنك دائماً التحميل مجانا Olympus P-10 برامج ل الطابعات.

Olympus P-10 معروض 2009.11.19.

تم تحميل الملف 4 مرة و تم مشاهدته 4116 مرة.

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الفئة الطابعات
العلامة التجارية Olympus
الجهاز P-10
أنظمة التشغيل Mac OS 10.x
حجم الملف 1.3 Mb
معروض 2009.11.19
إبحت و حمل

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P-10 Driver for Mac OS 10.­2 to 10.­3.­x This file: Corrects a printing problem when "with borders" is selected; when printing 4x6 prints using the "standard prints" option in iPhoto,­ the error "there isn't room to print the selected size" has been corrected; when installing on a 10.­2 system with a large hard drive a "not enough room" error would occur,­ this has been corrected; to use the "standard prints" option in iPhoto for 4x6 printing select a paper size of 4x6 without borders and check the one print per page option in iPhoto.­ (1.­29MB)(10/­04)
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